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StartupHero Business Services / VAT Company: Ayize Solutions Pty Ltd (2017)

VAT Company: Ayize Solutions Pty Ltd (2017)

From: R5,500.00



Everything you need to start trading in full, including the official compliance documents that you will need to start trading and to open a business bank account:

  • Company Trading Name & Registration Number;
  • VAT Registration Number;
  • Company Income Tax Number;
  • Tax Clearance Certificate;
  • BEE Affidavit;
  • Share Certificates;
  • Change of Director;
  • FNB Bank Account.


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VAT Registration - INCLUDED!

Share Certificate - INCLUDED!

Tax Clearance Certificate - INCLUDED!

FNB Bank Account - INCLUDED!

B-BBEE Affidavit - INCLUDED!

Director Change - INCLUDED!

Additional Share Certificates – optional


Company Profile – optional

Basic Logo Design – optional

Custom Logo Design – optional

Logo Enhancements *

Business Name *

Title for the logo / company name as you would like it to appear. What name do you want in your custom-designed logo?

Business Tagline / Motto

Company / business Tagline. eg. Nike’s slogan / strapline is “Just do it”

Business Description

Please describe in brief your business, it’s products or it’s services. Also mention your target audience. Tell us about your business, what do you do, who are your customers?

Business Perception

What’s the perception or feeling that you’d like to project or exude with your new professionally designed logo? What personality would you like your logo to have? Eg. Fun or serious, simple or detailed, luxrious or value for money, modern or traditional, abstract or friendly/approachable, etc.


Do you have any additional comments? Any more thoughts about the way you’d like your logo to be?

Domain name, Cloud storage, Business Email – optional

CIDB Entry Level – optional

COIDA Letter of Good Standing (PRIORITY 2-5 days) – optional

PAYE, UIF AND SDL Registration (PRIORITY 2-5 days) – optional

Import & Export Licence – optional

Clearing Agent License (5 borders) – optional

PSIRA Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority Registration & Renewal – optional

Director PSIRA Registration

Business Plan WITHOUT financials – optional

NHBRC Registration – optional

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