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The Logo Design Process

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The Logo Design Process

The logo design process is one that includes various steps. Although there is no set structure regarding the process as all creative individuals have their own method of production, however there are various fundamentals evident in every process.

Step 1: The Brief

In order to commence with any design work, a brief from a client is the first step as this is an essential manner to obtain information regarding the design problem that needs to be solved. A more detailed example of this would be receiving a logo design request, the brief would have to include the name of the company as well as the field of operation.

Step 2: Brainstorming

This leads to the next part of the process which involves idea generating process which is one that consists of a wide variety of methods ranging from the random association technique to brainstorming. The random association technique consists of finding two non-related concepts and then linking them through a common factor. This is an effective method to help eliminate the cliché ideas in-order to obtain ideas that are outside of the norm.

Step 3: Conceptualisation

The next step involves producing rough sketches, based on the concepts and ideas generated during the brainstorming process. ­­A designer then creates a visual representation of the ideas. Once there are a number of conceptual sketches, often around 20, it becomes clearer which will enable the designer to select 3 strong concepts to refine.

Step 4: Refine and Reiterate

The refinement process is one that involves typographic selection in order to achieve neatly presented final sketches. Selecting typography is a task that requires the consideration of the client’s goods or services as every type is effective based on the purpose of the business. The selection of colour is included in the process and similar to typographic selection, colour selection plays a vital role in communicating the services or goods provided by a particular business. The use of colour psychology is an essential tool in this process because with every colour comes a particular emotion whether this is achieved through connotations associated with particular colours or the visual reaction that a particular colour evokes. It is important to acknowledge that it is not every individual that believes in the effectiveness of colour psychology but the connotative meaning behind each colour is effective.

Step 5: Finalise and render

Once the typography and colour scheme has been finalised, what followings is the computer generating step of the logo design. It is ideal for a designer to produce 3 different renderings of the logo in order to allow the client to make a selection. This is usually done through an email or a consultation session. A consultation session is a more effective method as clients can express any alterations that they wish to see implemented and this can be done immediately, provided that the alterations are minor. Once the client approves the design, the logo needs to be evaluated in terms of scales and whether it works on various backgrounds. With all of this achieved, a final product is sent to the client. Every designer has a unique method to producing logo designs however the fundamental steps mentioned above are more likely to be the same throughout every individual’s process.

StartupHero offers logo design for a simple, clean logo, reworking existing logos, create a logo with an emblem/graphic, or create an illustrative logo. Prices will vary depending on the brief, and you can order securely online at https://www.startuphero.co.za/graphic-design-website/

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