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Why you need a website

Why you need a website

The advancement of technology has seen a rapid growth over the past decade. An evolutionary transition in technological advancements has given birth to digital marketing. The birth of digital marketing has brought forth social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Social media platform users have developed a culture which consists of an excessive use of social media networks. Because of this, the use of the internet to advertise businesses is a practice that is vastly growing. The online presence of a business must be perceived as an essential necessity, as this is a virtual portrayal of the business and hence having a website is a practical way to be accessible to potential and existing customers. A website is an effective tool to use in-order to assert an online presence. Having a website assist any start-up to existing business because of the points listed below.


The accessibility of a business allows customers to conduct research on the goods or services offered by the business on their mobile device or any other device at their own convenience. The advantage with having an online presence through a website is that customers can instantly utilise their buying power or simply obtain more knowledge about your business regardless of the time of the day. Removing the trading hour restrictions will heighten the chance of trading in the case of a business that offers goods.


Having a website means being reachable by a multitude of consumers and with that, comes a growth in sales. The more website visitors a company attracts, the bigger the opportunity is to gain clients.

Low Costs

The costs of advertising through a website is cost effective. Once the website is set up the only cost that need to be paid up is the monthly costs cost which are usually very low.


The digital age has resulted in the development of a culture where professionalism is measured by the existence of a website, Businesses with no website would be less likely to be considered.

Quality in lasting value

A website is a long-term investment and it is adjustable through time. A website allows a business to display various products and services throughout time.

Direct feedback from clients

The instant and accessible nature of a website allows clients to leave a comment and feedback on their experiences of using the product or service. The review that customer’s give on the website will assist new customers decide if they want to acquire of the services or not.
Overall, the use of a website is essential in-order for a business to make an impression in this digital age. A website may not be all that is needed to guarantee a start-up business is on it’s feet but however it is certainly an effective starting point especially if the business seeks to be perceived as a professional business.

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